Dhaka: Daily Lives
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Bangladesh belongs to the poorest group of nations in the world. The quality of life there remains significantly lower than in the neighboring India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka despite considerable international assistance. Bangladesh has been unable to eliminate extreme poverty and hunger. Although most people living the urban areas such as Dhaka, enjoy a better quality of living with access to electricity, gas and clean water supplies, a significant portion of these people in the cities still live in squalor in dwellings that fall apart during the monsoon season. Their access to regular electricity, clean water and healthcare is severely limited. It is estimated that over 80% of the population in Dhaka is living below poverty levels. Bangladesh has often operated under the international radar. The only time it makes news is when a natural disaster strikes. Generally ignored by the rest of world and with its extreme poverty, it has one of the worst track records for child labors and child prostitution situation in the world. Labor standards are poor, environmental standards almost non-existent as countries around the world take advantage of the lax political and environmental guidelines to dispose of their toxic waste in Bangladesh and also to take advantage of the cheap labor source in the country. This ongoing series compose of photos of the daily lives of regular people living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.